31 Day Challenge - Orange

Hey everyone!

I must confess that I dislike orange nail polish. I have never been of fan of the color (or the fruit). So, the search began for an orange polish in my stash that I could stand wearing for more than 5 minutes...and that brought me to Demeter from the Speciallit√° Hits No Olimpo collection. 

Fortunately, holo helps me forget how much I hate orange. A lot of people say that glitter fixes everything...I say holo fixes everything! For the flowers, I used Cirque Alter Ego (a gorgeous black holo, I'll post a swatch including the ring later) and a design from the RA-119 stamping plate. The holographic finish was hard to capture, but you can see some of it in the last photo.

Although the Speciallit√° Hits No Olimpo collection is complete and total gorgeousness, I have had some unpleasant experiences with them. The brushes are inconsistent in quality, the polish is the most shrink prone I've ever used, and they're quite pungent. Overall though, the colors are too amazing to pass up if you're a fan of holographic polish.

Two days into the challenge...let's see if I can keep at it! Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm impressed. I almost want to try an orange mani. haha idk, only if it's holo, you're right. Though I'm incredibly excited about the Alter Ego swatch. I'm definitely looking forward to that! I think i might need to try this challenge...

    1. You should definitely try it! If anything, it makes choosing your next manicure a little easier. :P


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