31 Day Challenge - Black and White

Hi all, I am on day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge, and still going strong! I've only missed one day so far, and that was to post a tutorial. You'll forgive me for that, right?!  Check out my wonderful pals who are also participating, Raine and Jonochi at Lacquer Lily and Just Add Polish.

Warning: This post is very picture heavy!

Today's challenge calls for black and white nails. I was inspired by fancy black and white french manicures I have seen around the net. They are very feminine and delicate, unlike most of my manicures. So for a change of pace, I give you my interpretation of a black and white french manicure, plus a bonus accent nail!


I used A England Camelot for the tips, which I free-handed. I am happy with how they turned out, as this was my first time applying tips without scotch tape or some other guide. The accent nail is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls with a design from the BM-323 plate. For the stamping, I used Konad's Special Polish in black. The flowers along the sides of the tips are stickers!

After staring at my nails for a while, I decided that my favorite part of the manicure was the accent nail, and it felt somewhat out of place with the tips. So, I started over and went with the rose design instead!


Saving the accent nail from the previous manicure, I applied one coat of A England Camelot to four of the nails, and using the same stamping plate as above, created the same design with Konad Special polish in white. I was a little bummed that the whites did not match, but on the other hand, I was surprised at how well the white showed up over the black. I love Konad special polishes. They have made stamping a breeze, I highly recommend them for people who are having trouble with stamping.

Which black and white manicure do you prefer? Thanks for reading! (And please ignore that letters and numbers that come at the end of this post, they are there for verification purposes and I'm only posting them this once, I promise.)



  1. Verification!?! I Wanna verify something.

    LOVELY mani. I kinda liked it better with the tips. But nice either way! ♥


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