31 Day Challenge - Green + Zoya Logan Swatch!

Hey all, how's everyone's weekend going thus far? Mine is looking to be quite uneventful, unless you count painting nails and watching Downton Abbey eventful...Anyway, have some nails! These are green, as stipulated by the 4th day of the 31 Day Challenge.

For these nails, I used two coats of Zoya Logan and one coat of A England Camelot. Camelot is the most amazing black polish I've ever used. Opaque, shiny, and perfectly smooth in one coat, I highly recommend it! I outlined the black triangles with some gold striping tape to finish this manicure, along with one coat of INM Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Along with my green manicure, I'm going to post my first swatch, yay!!! 

Zoya Logan, two coats

This is Zoya Logan on its own, and what a beauty it is! It's an evergreen packed with green and gold shimmer, very pretty...unlike my swatch. I need to figure out a way to get my short stubby fingers further down the bottle, and also probably not swatch on my right hand!

I hope the rest of everyone's weekend is fantastic, and thanks again for reading!


  1. This is a gorgeous mani! And Zoya Logan looks to die for :D I usually try to spend £5 or less on each polish but that green is so lush I might have to splurge :)

    1. Thank you Lauren! You are too kind! I feel like the devil on your shoulder saying this, but Logan is definitely splurge-worthy!


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