Amnesia: Memories Review and Ikki Nail Art

Hi all,

Today I've got some nail art inspired by a character from a new game released on Steam and PS Vita last week called Amnesia: Memories. I know it's rather unconventional for a nail polish blog to have video game reviews, but based on some of my previous content you can't be too surprised, right? ;)

Lace Nail Art with Cirque City Lights

Hi all!

Happy Saturday! It doesn't feel too much like a weekend to me, as I've been home all week anyway with an injured foot. :( But I hope everyone else will be enjoying it thoroughly! As you can see, I'm still in one of those monochrome manicure moods...

Monochrome, floral, and lace nail art

Hello all! I haven't been in much of a swatching mood as of late, so I'm taking a bit of a break from it. I'll show you the other half of the Zoya fall collection next week. There's still plenty of time before fall, right?! ^^'

Zoya Focus Collection for Fall 2015 Swatches and Review

Hi all! Does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? I'm going to go to my first Escape the Room puzzle with Tiff and Jess from Twinny Shoppe. For those of you who have never heard of one before, apparently you're trapped in a room for an hour and you try and figure out whatever puzzles are in the room before the time runs out. Since this is my first one, I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I'm excited to give it a try! 

Today I've got the new Zoya Focus Collection to share. This half of the new fall collection consists of six lovely cremes. More below!

Relearning to Gradient

Hi all!

Somewhere along the way of my blogging/nail polishing hiatus, I forgot how to create a proper gradient! It took me likely over 10 sponging attempts to get this looking passable...and even then, I had to cover it with some stamping because I wasn't completely happy with the fade. It's likely going to take me a while to relearn the technique. Despite my difficulties, I ended up being quite delighted with this manicure. :)

Nail Art with Bundle Monster's Shangri-La Square Nail Plate

Here's a snippet of some nail art I did using Bundle Monster's new Shanri-La square stamping plates. I have never tried a full-art stamping plate before, and I must say I really love it! You can go over the same spot to get the same design, or you can use different part of the plate to get matching but different patterns. The possibilities are wonderful!
Here I used two coats of Zoya Cecilia and BM-S107 with Konad Stamping Polish in Black. The plate design transferred well and I'm rather glad I picked up the whole collection. The entire collection of ten plates can be purchased $14.99 or you can pick up individual plates for $2.49 each.

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