31 Day Challenge - Animal Print

Hey everyone, I'm back on track now! I went to two more Sundance films today, both documentaries. They were quite good, most especially one called Dirty Wars. It's been picked up for release in theaters later this year, you should all check it out if you get the chance! It's very informative, but I won't go into the details since nobody wants to hear about war on a nail polish blog...

Day 13 of the 31 day challenge is animal print. Personally, I think animal print is kind of tacky. So why not go further and make the manicure even more tacky with the help of holo for some rainbow zebra print nails?

The silver holo is Color Club Harp On It. The Zebra stripes I used are on the Konad stamping plate m57. I used Cirque Alter Ego, a black holo, for the zebra print. You can't really see it that well since it is significantly less holographic than the Color Clubs from the Halo Hues collection. For those of you who don't have any of the polishes from the Halo Hues collection, get some!! They are very high quality holographic polishes...Cheaper and easier to apply than the Layla holographics and certainly the NfuOhs. No special base coat required, just put them on like regular polish and enjoy the holographic goodness!

I think I'll post some Halo Hue swatches once this challenge is over. I know they'll be old news by then, but they're just so pretty.

Thanks for reading!


  1. By the way, sugar - I checked our local beauty supply shop and they don't have this collection. "Not enough people requested it"

    I feel no one needs to request it, once they see them they will sell. =(

    1. Really? Well I know for certain the beauty supply shop by my place has them. You should come down sometime, we can hang and go there! But yeah, they're silly. Do they not understand how holo and nail polish addicts work?

    2. I agree with all of the above ;)


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