Lace and Polka Dots: Born Pretty Store Lace Water Decal Review

Hey everyone! I know I've been gone again, and this time it was due to a weekend spent in Vegas at EVO. For those of you who don't know, EVO is a fighting game tournament. I didn't participate, but I had a few friends that did and I had a lot of fun watching them and the rest of the competition. Plus it's Vegas, so you know you're gonna have a good time. ;)

Today I've got another lovely product from Born Pretty Store to share with you! This time I'm showing you their lace water decals. These come in a pack of 5 strips for $1.83 a piece. This is probably good for about two full manicures, depending upon how much of the lace you want to use. I used the S007 design for this manicure.
Forgive the slight wear on this manicure, I actually painted these on Thursday and just took pictures this morning. I began using a coat of Color Club Milky White Base Coat. If you have really yellow stained nail beds like I do, this is the perfect base coat to use prior to any sort of manicure that will be exposing them. It gives them a much more natural hue. After that had dried, I applied one coat of OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre? to give the nails a subtle light pink base. Then I added diagonal tips of Zoya Neely using tape as my guide. After this had dried completely, I stamped on white polka dots using Konad Special Polish in White and BM19. I know I could have used a dotting tool, but I was in a huge hurry which is also why the lace is torn on my middle finger nail. After all the layers had completely dried, I used the Born Pretty Store lace decals and applied them diagonally to the nails. This entails cutting out the length of decal you want to use, soaking it in water for 10-20 seconds, and then applying it directly onto the nail. These are very easy to adjust before they dry, so they are pretty painless to work with. The only issue I had with these is that if you apply top coat too quickly (like I did on the middle finger), then you can have an issue with tearing. But really that was just user error on my part, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it!

Overall, I'm very impressed with these water decals. You can create striking designs very easily using these cute lace strips. The wear time is also good, as this is how the lace looks after five days of wear. You can use my coupon code below to get 10% off your entire order!
I'm heading out to San Diego tonight for Comic Con tonight, so I likely won't post again until I have returned. Thanks for sticking by me through these delayed posts, and as always, thanks for reading! 

*The decals were sent for review. To see my disclosure policy, please click here.


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