Born Pretty Store Feather Water Decal Review

Hey everyone! I know I've been gone for a while (this is the longest break I've ever taken from the blog), but there are a few reasons for this. Three days after I returned from apartment hunting in New Jersey, I was headed off to Indianapolis to play in the Pokemon Video Game National Championship. By the time I had returned home on Monday, I was sick and facing the loss of one of my beloved feathered friends...These next two weeks will also be a bit hectic with traveling, but I hope you all will bear with me as I try to get my posts back on track.

Today I've got some feather water decals from Born Pretty Store. This was my first time using water decals, and I must say I am very impressed with how easy these are to apply. In addition to painless application, these also look a lot less "applied" than stickers.    
I started with a base of Butter London Billy No Mates and applied one feather water decal to my accent nail. This process is pretty simple. You begin by cutting out the piece of decal that you want to use, removing the top layer of film, and soaking it in water for 10-20 seconds. Once the decal has soaked, you can remove the decal from the soaked paper (I recommend using tweezers) and place it on your wet nail. At this point, it can be very easily adjusted until it starts to dry up. Once it has dried, you simply top coat and you have a flawless looking design on your nails! For those of you who are interested in picking up these particular decals, they can be found here. You can use my coupon code below to get 10% off your entire order!
This manicure is dedicated to my bird Grey. He passed away this weekend after being sick for a couple of months. He was a sweet, beautiful little creature. Once I saw these grey feathers on the decal sheet, I couldn't get my mind off of him. He will be missed. <3 Thanks for reading!

*The decals were sent for review. To see my disclosure policy, please click here.


  1. Beautiful mani for a beautiful bird :) What a nice way to honour him.
    The water decals are AMAZING. So seamless and easy to apply!

    1. Thank you Jayne! And I agree wholeheartedly. They're definitely the best nail "additives" I've ever used.

  2. This is beautiful! Sorry to hear about Grey :(
    I love their water decals

    1. Thank you so much Traci. And I concur!


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