New 31 Day Challenge - Day 31 - Recreate Someone Else's Manicure From the Challenge

Where to begin...? I had a 7:20 am flight this morning, and as a nerd who stays up until 5 am playing video games (I wish I was joking...), I figured I may as well stay up the whole night and sleep on the plane. The evening began when I went to my lovely friend Amanda's housewarming party, and it was a blast! I got home at about 1 am and realized that I needed to do a manicure to finish the challenge alongside my challenge mates! At the time, I was still wearing the gradient from my last post and needed to pack. Low on time, I figured I'd just paint over that manicure. Earlier in the day, I had settled on recreating Traci's Silver Ruffian nails. Because I was painting over another manicure, I thought I'd use a dark shade of gray instead of white because it's a lot more opaque. Then I had another genius idea to to use silver glitter instead of a silver foil for the manicure. The clean-up on a glitter ruffian is...not fun, let's put it that way! Since I was using tip guards for the ruffian, for whatever reason I was compelled to use a chevron tip guard as well and had a pinky accent nail. About 20 minutes after this, my boyfriend gets a call that our flight is cancelled. We find out that there's no way we're making it out today, so I head to bed. I wake up in the morning to find the midnight monstrosity I had bestowed upon my nails. I'm just done...
The gray is OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! and the glitter is China Glaze Glittering Snow.

On a more positive note, I am now done with the N31DC! I can't believe it's over already! It's been so wonderful getting to know Jayne, Naomi, and Traci! Thank you girls so much for letting me hop into this challenge, I'll never forget your kindness (and beautiful nails)!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the gorgeous nails of the wonderful ladies participating in this challenge along with me!

Jayne at Cosmetic Proof
Traci at Drink Citra
Naomi at Bellezza Bee


  1. Ooh so awesome you used my ruffian as inspiration! Love it! hehe. omg 5am? lol
    Ahh it was so much fun doing this challenge with you, Jayne and Naomi! Hopefully we will do another in the future! :D

  2. I'm so glad you decided to join us Masha! I still have to complete this last challenge, but like Traci said, we should do another one in the Fall maybe?

    1. I would love to do that! Can't wait!


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