Liquid Sky Lacquer Wines & Roses

Hey everyone! I was planning on showing you two polishes today, but I'm only going to show you one because these proved a challenge to photograph! This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Wine & Roses. Wine & Roses is a plum and pink thermal holographic polish. When it's cold, the polish is a dark brownish plum color. In the heat, the polish turns a light salmon toned pink. I am in love!
Sunlight, natural
Sunlight, cold
Sunlight, hot
Flash, natural
Sunlight, natural
Shade, natural
All pictures are three coats of Wine & Roses and one coat of top coat. To clarify, by "natural" I mean that I left my nails alone temperature wise and let the polish settle. The formula of this polish was a bit on the thick side but it was definitely worth it for the final result! The most fascinating part of wearing this thermal polish was watching how it changed...sometimes I would get tips like you see above, other times I would get a more gradient like effect, and often times just a solid color. 

If you're interested in finding a bottle of your own, you can check out the Liquid Sky Lacquer site and snag a bottle of your own! The site is down today, but it should be back up tomorrow and hopefully this guy isn't sold out! What do you guys think of this thermal holo? Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the name of this polish! It really fits the color!

  2. So cool, both thermal and holo at the same time! Lovely shade!

    1. I love it as well! Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think it's going to begin a new thermal obsession for me...

  4. These are gorgeous and the color change is too awesome! You did an excellent job on showcasing each temperature and light setting!


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