A England Burne-Jones Dream Collection Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! Now that I'm done with both challenges, I've got a lot more opportunities for swatches and nail art reviews. Today I've got A England's newest collection to show you! These four polishes are all holographic and I could rant and rave about how beautiful they are, but I'll let the pictures do the talking. All swatches are done with one coat of base and top coat, pictures are taken in direct sunlight.
A England Sleeping Palace. One coat. I'll start with my favorite of the four. Sleeping Palace is a dark plum holographic. Of the four, this was the most holographic. As you can see, it just glows...it's beautiful. And the formula was perfect.
A England Rosebower. Two coats. This bright red holographic polish was opaque at two coats, but I used two to even things out. Of the four, this had the trickiest formula to work with, but this is A England we're talking about so the formula was still great. Rosebower is also the least holographic of the bunch, though it's more holographic than it looks in these photos.
A England Fated Prince. Two coats. This is the only polish of the four that wasn't opaque at one coat, but it was pretty close! Fated Prince is a charcoal holographic. It reminded me of A England Bridal Veil when I saw it in the bottle, so I thought I'd do a comparison of the two!
Index and ring finger: Bridal Veil, Middle and pinky: Fated Prince
As you can see, the two aren't even close! Bridal Veil is a lot darker and less holographic than Fated Prince. My pick? Definitely Fated Prince!
A England Briar Rose. Two coats. Briar Rose is a light red holo. Although I used two coats, I could have gotten away with just one if I were more careful! The formula was perfect, in typical A England fashion. This polish looked very similar to one of the new Cirque holos, Vesuvius, so I did another comparison!
Index and ring finger: Cirque Vesuvius, Middle and pinky: Briar Rose
The base color on Vesuvius and Briar Rose are very similar, however, Vesuvius is substantially more holographic. These both had a fantastic formula, though Briar Rose is on the thicker side. My pick? Versuvius, because I'm a huge sucker for linear holos!

Phew, that was a bit picture heavy, but I am just in love with this collection and had a hard time choosing just a couple of photos to share! If you live in North America, you can pick up A England polishes at Llarowe or Nail Polish Canada. For those of you in the UK, you can get them on the official A England Site! Thanks for reading!


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