Why Not More Stripes?

Hey everyone! Sadly, I am still recovering from my illness...but it gives me a good excuse to stay at home and play Persona 4 Golden all morning! After seeing Raine's adorable striped nails, I decided to try some of my own. I loved the glitter accent stripe so much that I put one on each nail. It's a pretty simple and fun way to play up a striped manicure.
The silver is two coats of Julep Rebel. I used striping tape to cover up the parts of the silver that I wanted to show up; one piece for the thin stripes and two pieces next to each other for the thicker stripes. Once the tape was in place, I painted A England Lady of the Lake on top and then quickly removed the tape. I picked a random stripe on each nail to line with silver glitter and used a tooth pick dipped in top coat to pick up and place the glitter. Finally, I used two coats of top coat (INM Out the Door) to get this manicure smooth.

If you're looking to purchase what I've used here and you live in the US, you can find A England at Llarowe and Julep can be found at Julep's official site. If you're looking for some hand placed glitters of your own, check out Born Pretty Store, they offer free shipping on all purchases! Thanks for reading!


  1. Awww I'm glad I could be an inspiration to you ;) I absolutely love these colors together. I'm Positive I will be doing this manicure again in the future!

    1. I'm going to be doing it again as well! It'd be fun to do for a party or something.


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