New 31 Day Challenge - Day 2 - Silver

Hey everyone! I spent some time last night working on my blog template. What do you guys think of this new one? I'm also trying to create my own graphic for the title of the page...but so far I'm completely out of ideas. That's enough progress for 24 hours, anyway. Today's challenge calls for silver nails. That means I get to use my favorite silver polish!
Okay, I lied. My favorite silver is probably a holo, but aside from those this is my favorite. That first shot is a wonky one, but I liked it the best regardless. The silver is Venique Reels of Fun. I read somewhere that Veniques are made to be opaque in one coat. This one most certainly was, but it was a streaky mess after one coat. The second coat smoothed everything out for the most part though. I love this silver, it's the perfect silver foil. It almost looks reflective on its own! Once I had applied Reels of Fun, I used Konad Special Polish in Black and the BM-310 plate to add the design. Then I painted on black tips using A England Camelot.

If you've got a cosmetic license, you can head over to Cosmoprof to get some Venique polishes. Otherwise, you'll have to use an online retailer such as Amazon. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the gorgeous nails of the wonderful ladies participating in this challenge along with me!
Jayne at Cosmetic Proof
Traci at Drink Citra
Naomi at Bellezza Bee


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